myQA Software Physics QA Platform

IBA's myQA is the proven management solution for integrated quality assurance of radiotherapy systems, including protons.

Access all your commissioning, ongoing machine, imaging and patient QA results, analyses and trends, from all your applications in one central SQL database, that can be accessed from any location within, and across your hospital(s) or remotely.

myQA software suite. All-in-One.

myQA is a QA platform that integrates your QA applications, processes, workflow, people, and data into one QA framework.

  • Patient Plan Verification with myQA Patients.
  • Just want to measure? Instant results & real-time analysis with myQA FastTrack.
  • Complete range of Machine QA with myQA Machines.
  • Commissioning and annual QA checks with myQA Accept.
  • NEW: Proton Therapy QA now connects to myQA!

All connected.

Integrating and Connecting People

  • myQA integrates your QA across departments & sites
  • Connect all your department-wide QA for all your applications
  • Integrate your satellite hospitals. Maintain consistency and keep your full QA overview
  • Keep a record of all your QA data on one central server database

Discover the myQA Suite of modules.

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