Expert. Responsive. Tailored.

OSL strives to provide expert and professional support to our customers in a range of ways, from installation and ongoing maintenance agreements through to training, commissioning services and user meetings and symposia.

We are proud that over half of the OSL team are clinically qualified professionals specialising in medical imaging, physics and radiotherapy. Our engineering and IT support, we believe, is second to none.

Access to Technical Support documentation

Customers using any of our supplied equipment/ software can log onto our password protected support portal below to access relevant product documentation.

If you need any advice or support in any way, please contact us via email or call us on +44 1743 462694.

Your Support Zone account

All files and videos hosted through the Support Zone are now exclusively available to download via OSL Portal.

Please contact for assistance.

Login to your OSL Portal account

The OSL Portal is a secure file sharing platform enabling you to safely upload and download data and software. If you have a support contract with OSL but do not have a username and password, please contact us.

Access OSL Portal here

All of the data contained within the portal, including the database of files and the actual file data itself, is encrypted during transit using TLS over HTTPS.