Vacuum Cushions & Accessories

Vacuum Cushions & Accessories

Vacuum Cushions

MacroMedics® vacuum cushions are manufactured from durable and easy-to-clean materials. They have an easy-to-use valve that does not leak. The vacuum cushions can be easily indexed on the couchtop with a carbon fibre vacuum cushion positioning strip.

The vacuum cushions feature:

  • The ultra-durable, high-quality polyamide
  • The blue colour is distinguishable in optical imagers
  • Radio translucent
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost-effective
  • Adapters available for other manufacturers' pumps with CPC connector
  • MR Conditional

Part number Description
155110 Vacuum cushion, head support, 30x40cm, 3L
155140 Vacuum cushion, head support, 25x50cm, 3L
155150 Vacuum cushion, head & shoulder support, T-shape, 50x70cm, 5L
155210 Vacuum cushion, breast support, 50x70cm, 8L
155300 Vacuum cushion, pelvic support, 65x65cm, 13L
155400 Vacuum cushion, body support,100x70cm, 30L
155410 Vacuum cushion, body support,100x80cm, 30L
155430 Vacuum cushion, body support,120x80cm, 36L
155450 Vacuum cushion, body support,100x150cm, 51L
155510 Vacuum cushion, body support,200x100cm, 85L
155520 Vacuum cushion, body support, T-shape 120x120cm
155810 Dual function vacuum pump, cordless, with hand and foot remote control, incl. tube and connector, 230 V
155900 Quick inflation connector with 2m tube
155920 Quick inflation connector with 2m tube + CPC connector to vacuum machine


Dual-function Vacuum Pump

The dual-function pump offers a wireless hand or foot remote control for quick adjustment during moulding. It can be carried easily as it is compact and battery-operated.

Vacuum Pump

The portable vacuum pump has been developed for vacuum and pressure applications. Contact OSL for the specification.

Moldcare Cushions

Moldcare allows a high-precision positioning for complex locations and highly technical treatments. Composed of polystyrene beads, the cushion reacts to moisture. Thus, once moistened, it takes the form of the patient and becomes a rigid mold once dry.

Part number Description
93066 Moldcare Cushion, small, 15 x 20cm
93741 Moldcare Cushion, 20 x 25cm
93742 Moldcare Cushion, 20 x 45cm