Clearsight Bolus

Crystal clear Clearsight bolus.

A common challenge with other manufacturers’ bolus solutions is that their mustard-yellow colour can make it difficult to see tattoos, positioning lasers, and air gaps through the material - particularly in dark treatment rooms. Cortex’s new ClearSight Bolus is crystal clear enabling faster, easier setups than traditional bolus materials.


  • 100% transparent
  • Does not yellow under prolonged radiation exposure
  • Easy to visualize tattoos, lasers and air gaps
  • Able to be layered for custom thickness while retaining transparency


  •  No gooey centre like other bolus materials
  • Able to be cut with scissors
  • No need to wrap it in plastic
  • Sticks to itself, but not permanently


  • “Semi-sticky” surface inherent to material
  • Retains stickiness after washing and drying

Technical Specifications

  • Available in 30cm x 30cm and 40cm x 40cm sheets.
  • The ratio of Zeff for ClearSight and water throughout the clinical range: 0.761 ± 0.02.
  • Surface dose underneath ClearSight v. other popular Water Equivalent bolus products: -0.9% ± 2.3% for photons, 0.49 ± 1.8% for electrons.
  • Change in photon and e- depth dose curves between ClearSight and water: negligible