Fiducial Markers

Implantable fiducial markers for IMRT, IGRT, MRI and Cyberknife


Fewer fractions and higher doses coupled with tighter margins necessitate the need for a superior degree of accuracy.

OSL and Cortex are dedicated to the evolution of implanted markers and strive to optimise precise targeting for image-guided radiotherapy treatments.

Knurled Gold Markers

The knurled gold markers are available in three sizes: 1mm x 3mm in an 18GA by 20cm needle, 1.0mm x 5mm in an 18GA x 20cm needle, and 1.2mm x 3mm in a 17GA by 20cm needle.
The knurled gold markers are suitable for soft tissue regions. This range is the most popular in the UK and Ireland.

Suitable for: soft tissue regions.

FlexiMarc G/T™

The FlexiMarc Marker combines 99.99% pure, biocompatible, gold nodes with a medical-grade titanium connector. This implanted marker produces a unique non-biological node based
projection. The gold lights up and the titanium is radio translucent making this the perfect marker for “point-based” IGRT solutions like CyberKnife.

Suitable for: CyberKnife, Prostate.


The only metallic marker designed to image clearly in both CT and MR. Optimised for all IGRT solutions.

The FusionCoil marker images equally well in CT as it does in MR. It consists of an open spiral gold coil with a biocompatible segmented flexible metallic core that appears as a clear black dot in MR.

Suitable for: CT, MR, Breast, Lung, Abdominal, Prostate.


The PolyMark Marker represents the latest technology in implanted markers. It is fabricated of biocompatible polymer. It has virtually no artifact in CT, is clearly visible in MR, and can be detected with ease in most kV based IGRT solutions. The PolyMark is put through a special spiral cutting operation during production creating a non-migrating surface.

Suitable for: MR, CT, Lung, Abdominal, Prostate, Liver.


The PointCoil Marker combines a pure, gold node within a 5mm solid gold coil. This implanted marker produces a single unique point for IGRT. It is available in a special SBRT kit with a very fine 19 Gauge needle that supports four marker placements with only one or two needle sticks.

Suitable for: Liver, Pancreas, Percutaneous lung.