Convection Oven

Convection oven for heating thermoplastic masks.
Convection Oven


Unlike water baths that require tending, filling, and run the risk of spillage, the system softens thermoplastic materials used for fixation in radiation therapy to their optimal elasticity with safe, dry heat. It eliminates liquid hazards and ensures maximum comfort during application to the patient.

The MacroMedics convection oven meets today’s need for universal precautions to reduce cross-contamination during patient care.

The digital temperature control makes it easy to select the setting to warm thermoplastic material to its proper consistency and keep it viable until you are ready to use it. Thermoplastic will be ready to use in 8-15 minutes (depending on the size of the material and whether it is framed or unframed).

The insulated cases and space-saving compact designs are perfect even for the most crowded department.

EZ sliding drawer opens fully to provide maximum access to the material.

Finish: White baked enamel (on cold-rolled steel), stainless steel trim.

  • Outside dimensions:  79 x 64 x 13cm (31 x 25 x 5”)
  • Inside dimensions   : 66 x 51 x 5.8cm (26 x 20 x 2”)
  • Weight 21 KG