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Independent virtual phantom software for QA and validation of clinical imaging techniques in radiation therapy.

NEW extended selection of clinical test cases, plus 3D Print module for custom phantom design end to end testing.


Create. Confidence. Clarity.

With imaging at the heart of everything we simulate, plan, calculate and treat in radiation therapy, it is critical that the routine QA and validation of techniques and devices involving imaging is undertaken regularly and rigorously. This is why ImSimQA exists.


Why ImSimQA?

ImSimQA is the only dedicated, independent system for the testing of clinical imaging techniques such as deformable image registration and other processes, found in radiotherapy planning and onboard treatment imagers such as CBCT-IGRT, MVCT-IGRT and the new MR linacs. Imaging algorithms found in multi-modality planning, adaptive re-positioning and dose re-calculation, ultra-precise image registration in SABR, SBRT, AI and auto-contouring and image motion sequences for 4D respiratory gating, all require accuracy, and therefore considered testing.

ImSimQA CREATES clinically relevant test data using virtual phantoms, and a NEW extensive set of clinical image test cases covering a range of modern clinical techniques.

ImSimQA provides CONFIDENCE and CLARITY through years of experience of development and working with professional organisations such as the AAPM, in providing test protocol workflows, and quantifiable tests that analyse and report results.

TG-132 recommended, fully compliant testing

The AAPM TG-132 report stresses the need not only for initial validation but for ongoing QA testing of clinical imaging techniques and imaging devices used in radiation therapy. Differences and changes in software, imaging protocols, contrast imaging, set-up techniques, all require rigorous testing in addition to the all-important understanding of limitations and accuracy of imaging, planning and treatment systems when introduced into a clinic. To this end, a few imaging datasets are provided with this TG-132 report (generated by ImSimQA, donated by OSL) but this is a bare minimum and only provides a starter set for a regimen of ongoing QA and validation. The ImSimQA application builds on the report, providing all the recommended analysis tests, and importantly adds an infinite array of test data through a library of editable, customisable virtual phantoms, plus a wide range of real clinical DICOM cases that can also be extensively edited. Users can easily import and export DICOM images, deformation vector fields, creating test protocols specific to local clinical practices and equipment.

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The real benefits of ImSimQA. Imagine...


Imagine, an infinite range of multi-modality image data without the need for constantly needing access to scanners and onboard treatment imagers for QA and testing.

Imagine, time savings from using Virtual Phantoms, and ImSimQA’s extensive clinical test images where images can be resliced, resolution and DICOM parameters edited without leaving your PC, and with the possibility of end-to-end testing …


Imagine, the range of applications, treatment techniques, imaging protocols and treatment imagers that can be validated without the limitations of hard phantoms.

Imagine, how much more thorough your testing can be when you have the flexibility of the digital accuracy of reproducing a new clinical technique, difficult patient set up, new imaging or planning device.

Imagine, how efficient a digital phantom will be when you can change any shape, size, HU density value, add noise and more, to simulate your clinical scenarios.


Imagine, the assurance of extensive and automated analysis, as recommended by AAPM and medical physics leaders, right down to pass/fail reports.

Powerful tools for routine QA and validation

The powerful, independent virtual phantom software for QA and validation of clinical imaging techniques in radiation therapy planning and onboard treatment imagers.

Extensive virtual phantom library and a NEW extended selection of clinical test case images.

Fully TG-132 compliant for image registration QA.

Powerful tools for routine QA and validation:

  • RIR and DIR multi-modality image registration
  • MR Linacs
  • AI and black box auto-contouring
  • Adaptive planning/dose deformation
  • 4D respiratory gating
  • GYN brachy MR distortion
  • 3D Print module for end-to-end testing
  • Extensive DICOM editing
  • Many more geometric test tools

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ImSimQA software

TG-132 tools to commission DIR