MaxSupport Headrests

Providing stable and comfortable support during treatment in the head- and neck region


The MacroMedics® MaxSupport head supports provide stable and comfortable support during treatment in the head and neck region. The foam MaxSupports are covered with a coating for easy cleaning.

The wide shaped MaxSupports fit nicely and support the patients head offering extra stability on the lateral sides of the head as well as in the neck area. The wide shaped MaxSupports are made of low-density foam for minimal attenuation. MaxSupports are also available for prone positioning and in a special version for paediatrics. All foam MaxSupports are MR safe.

For situations where extra stability and reproducibility is desired, MacroMedics developed two sets of carbon fibre MaxSupports. This range of head supports consists of a very thin layer of carbon fibre combined with a low-density foam part for low attenuation.

Blocks & Wedges

For special treatment requirements new low attenuation carbon fibre elevation blocks and wedges are available with a smarter design, which now ensures compatibility with S-Type masks.

117110 MaxSupport 1 backside
MaxSupport wide headrests
116350 MaxSupports S-Line

Ordering information

Part number Description
117100 MaxSupport, set of 3
117000 MaxSupports wide shaped, set of 3
117105 MaxSupports carbon fibre, set of 3
116350 MaxSupports S-Line, CF, MacroMedics type, set of 4
116550 MaxSupports S-Line, CF, for other manufacturers, set of 4
116940 MaxSupport Prone
116950 MaxSupport Paediatric Supine
110700 Set of 3 carbon fibre wedges (5, 10 and 15 degrees)
110780 Set of 2 carbon fibre elevation blocks (low and high)