Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Privacy

At OSL, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and site visitors. The OSL team members all appreciate and respect how important privacy is. If you have any questions about how we Protect Your Privacy, please send us an email at

For all our services, the data controller and data processor— the company that’s responsible for your privacy— is Oncology Systems Limited.

How we use your information

We use your information in a number of different ways — what we do depends on the information. The tables below set this out in detail.

Your contact details

OSL’s database will store the following personal data: Title, Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Mobile Number and Job Title

How we use your contact details Why?
Deliver your purchases to you For OSL to perform our contract with you we need these details to complete the delivery.
Send you service messages by email, such as order updates or contract and quote expiries For OSL to perform our contract with you we need to be able to inform you of important details of when to expect deliveries or when existing services are soon to end.
Sending you information by email, or post, about our new products and services, OSL News and Events, this includes but is not limited to:
New equipment & technologies, updates to existing products, special offers, rental options for urology products, room shielding, latest innovations, clinical trials and studies, new staff, newsletters, user meetings, training webinars, clinical & scientific meetings, conferences and exhibitions attended.
To keep you up to date. We only send this with your permission after you have opted-in.
OSL will only send relevant information that we are sure will be of interest to you, based on your opt-in preferences and our contact history with you.

Your contact history with us

What you’ve said to us — for example, over the phone, on email, or during events and visits.

How we use your contact history Why?
Provide customer service and support We do this to perform our contract with you, and so we can offer the best service.
Train our staff So that when you contact us, you get the best possible customer service, everyone at OSL can understand our relationship and history with each customer.

Purchase history and quoted items

What you’ve purchased from OSL in the past.

How we use your purchase history and quoted items Why?
Sell products to you We store the quotation and order information so they can be processed to fulfil the orders you want.
Provide customer service and support, and handle returns We do this to perform our contract with you.
Finding out what you, and other customers, like To ensure we are giving you what you want, and to stay ahead of our competitors.

Your responses to surveys, competitions and promotions

How we use your responses to surveys, competitions and promotions Why?
Run the survey, competition or promotion We will only send surveys, competitions and promotions if you have told us it is okay to do so. Your responses are stored for our market research and to make sure you are able to benefit from the related benefits.

You don’t have to give us any of this personal information but if you don’t, you may not be able to acquire Sales and Support from OSL, and you are unlikely to receive our optimal overall customer experience. It is always your choice, and we will respect that choice.

Sharing your information

We do not, and will not, sell any of your personal data to any third party – including your name, work address, email address or phone number. We want to earn and maintain your trust, and we believe this is absolutely essential in order do that.

However, we share necessary elements of your data with the following categories of companies as an essential part of being able to provide our services to you, as set out in this statement:

  • Logistic companies that we employ to ensure your delivery arrives.
  • Our suppliers when there is a problem with a product you have purchased in order for us to work together to find the best possible solution.
  • Our suppliers if they need to register their products to you as part of their licensing or own Quality Systems.

Marketing messages

If you have said we can, we’ll send you marketing messages by email to keep you aware of what events OSL are running, what the latest news is and what new product offerings we have.

How to stop marketing messages from OSL

You can stop receiving marketing messages from us at any time.

You can do this:

  • By emailing
  • By clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in any email
  • By contacting OSL head office on 01743 462694

Once you do this, we will update your entry in our database appropriately.

Please note that it might take a few days for all our systems to be updated, so you might get messages from us while we process your request.

Stopping marketing messages will not stop service communications necessary for us to perform our contractual obligations to you (such as order updates, service contracts and logs or where you have expressed an interest in an activity at OSL. For example, an event you have registered for).

Keeping your information

OSL will store your information for as long as you say OSL are able to, or as long as is needed to be able to provide the services to you.

Your rights 

You have a lot of rights relating to your personal information.

The right to:

  • be informed about how your personal information is being used.
  • access the personal information we hold about you
  • request the correction of inaccurate personal information we hold about you
  • request that we delete your data, or stop processing it or collecting it, in some circumstances
  • stop receiving direct marketing messages,
  • complain to your data protection regulator — in the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office

If you want to exercise your rights, have a complaint, or just have questions, please contact us at

Changes to how we Protect Your Privacy

We may change this page from time to time, to reflect how we are processing your data.

If we make significant changes, we will make that clear on the OSL website or other OSL services, or by some other means of contact such as email, so that you are able to review the changes before you continue to work with OSL.


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How to contact us

OSL always want to hear from our customers.

If you:

  • Have any questions or feedback about this notice
  • Would like us to stop using your information
  • Want to exercise any of your rights as set out above, or have a complaint
  • please don’t hesitate to contact the OSL office team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can contact our privacy team by dropping us a line at

Or if you’d like to, you can write to us at:

Oncology Systems Limited, 14 Longbow Close, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 3GZ