myQA® iON for conventional radiotherapy

Proven efficiency, accuracy, and safety in Radiation Therapy.


myQA iON is a unique Patient QA software environment featuring an automated workflow and best-in-class algorithm to maximize your efficiency and accuracy. Validate your most demanding treatment techniques while ensuring patient safety without compromise.

myQA iON offers you the following:

  • Fully automated 3D plan verification workflow
  • Easy identification of any sources of errors using the SciMoCa Monte Carlo algorithm and log files
  • Use of daily logs to explore the relevance of dose deviations from the treatment planning software or delivery system
  • Delivery of even the most complicated treatments with confidence

Combined Efficiency in Patient QA

Log files powered by best-in-class Monte Carlo

  • A powerful combination of best-in-class SciMoCa™ Monte-Carlo dose calculation and log files
  • Task-based automation for optimized workflow efficiency
  • Fast analysis of all sources of possible errors for increased patient safety
Workflow diagram showing how DICOM data and log files are utilized in myQA iON

Workflow diagram showing how DICOM data and log files are utilised in myQA iON

Efficient task-based workflow

myQA iON has an optimized, automated workflow to save time and speed up your QA process.

  • Speed up your QA process with automated dose calculations, in the background
  • Assign tasks to specific users with the optimized patient or task lists view
  • Identify any potential errors or dose deviations using advanced, yet easy to use, tools

Task-based view with status for different tasks, including plan QA pass/fail or if more data is needed

Safe delivery of patient treatment

To ensure accurate and unbiased QA results, a system is required that is unbiased and independent from the treatment planning system vendor.

  • Utilize all DICOM information from your based treatment planning systems
  • Analyze your results using advanced 3D tools such as DVH’s and clinical goals
  • Identify the source of any potential dose deviations or errors
  • Understand the clinical relevance and source of potential deviation and errors

DVH graph comparing the original and recalculated plans, including dose difference for each planned organ and objective. Log file treatment history view identifying planned and delivered dose differences for each treatment fraction.

*Coming soon. Please contact OSL for availability.