Infinity SkyCeiling™

Biophilic Ceiling Clouds


One of our most dramatic illusions of nature™ yet, Sky Factory’s INFINITY SkyCeiling is a suspended wafer of the sky that imbues interiors with calibrated daylight-quality light and authentic overhead sky imagery.

Its seamless confluence of form and function endows contemporary interiors with a playful and unexpected vantage point—a perceived illusory opening to the sky.

A defining architectural feature for open plenum spaces and high ceilings, INFINITY SkyCeilings evoke a visceral experience of vertical space when viewed directly underneath its circumference.

Viewed from any other vantage point, the INFINITY SkyCeiling transforms into an oblong luminous oculus.

A Playful Connection to Open Skies

Beneath these floating skies, the INFINITY SkyCeiling invites occupants to lift their gaze, experience the beauty of Sky Factory’s multisensory illusions, and relax.

Sky Factory’s Open Sky Compositions™ are the only images to have earned multiple architectural awards.

INFINITY’s biophilic presence offers an ideal visual counterpoint to noise reduction ceiling clouds commonly installed in lobbies, lounges, cafeterias and other public spaces.

Its explosion of vertical space, colour, and light complements any array of acoustic ceiling clouds or it can hold its own
as a single focal point.