BreastBoard LX

The premiere, stand-alone breastboard.


The BreastBoard LX™  is the premiere, stand-alone breastboard. Utilising a coreless, single-layer carbon fibre treatment zone, the BreastBoard LX provides an IGRT treatment zone with minimal attenuation and maximal homogeneity and stability.

The BreastBoard LX features:

  • Rigid, homogeneous and low-attenuation IGRT treatment zone
  • Inclination from 5˚ - 20˚ in 2.5˚ steps
  • Adjustable head support
  • Stable and easy to adjust arm supports
  • Various arm positions possible with optional hand grips, high bridge support or 90-degree arm support
  • Ergonomic and rigid bottomstop, optional high version available for shorter patients
  • Compatible with MacroCast head-, neck- and breast support thermoplastics
  • Indexable
  • An MR Conditional version is available

The stable, easy to adjust arm supports on the BreastBoard LX address many of the adjustment challenges with other breast board arm supports, providing quick, customisable set-ups for patient comfort and clearance. The BreastBoard LX further addresses common patient comfort issues by incorporating a contoured lumbar area and an optional bottomstop adapter for shorter patients.

Ordering information:

Part number Description
122500 BreastBoard LX
122750 BreastBoard LX, 3P, MR Condition
122540 High bridge support for lower arms
122670 90-degree arm support, set of 2
122730 Handgrips, set of 2
122590 Bottomstop adaption for shorter patients