MatriXX Evolution & FFF

Universal detector array.


MatriXX ionisation chamber detector arrays are designed for fast and accurate verification of patient dose, as well as Linac QA.

  • Unique universal detector for Patient QA and Machine QA: Both applications powered by the myQA - global QA platform
  • Fast and intuitive, from measurement setup to analysis
  • Most accurate for rotational and IMRT QA: Shortest 20ms data sampling time, high dose rate, high spatial resolution with 1020 ionisation chambers
  • A most reliable solution with more than 1500 systems in the world

MatriXX Evolution & FFF

MatriXX and myQA Patients is the solution for high dose rate and rotational 2D plan verification. The MatriXX is a universal detector also suited for Machine QA

MatriXX Evolution:

A proven detector based on more than 1500 MatriXX systems worldwide

  • Combine with the miniPhantom or MultiCube and Gantry Angle Sensor, to attain the most accurate measurements for verification with myQA Patients.
  • Optimized for conventional, IMRT, and rotational cases delivered in standard dose rate mode
  • Also suitable for high-dose-rate cases (up to 12 Gy/min)


Ultimate High-Dose-Rate Solution (up to 48 Gy/min)

  • Fast: High-end design for workflow efficiency, from setup to measurement and analysis.
  • Flexible: Determined for high-dose-rate (up to 48 Gy/min), Flattening-Filter-Free, and conventional measurements.
  • FFF Proven: Supports current and foreseen high-dose-rate delivery systems including Varian, Elekta, and Siemens.

MatriXX for Varian HalcyonTM

The MatriXX solution with MiniPhatom and myQA Patients is your ideal solution for efficient QA for patient plan verification for the Halcyon machine.

Picture: MatriXX and MiniPhantom setup for patient QA

For our new Varian Halcyon machine we evaluated our MatriXX ionization chamber array with the MiniPhantom. The patient QA measurements and evaluation in myQA Patients have been very good.”

Maciej Raczkowski
Head of the Dosimetry and Quality Control
Lower Silesia Center of Oncology in Wrocław, Poland