FlexBoard EX with EagleBoard-2

A modular and user-friendly platform for the treatment of the breast and thorax region.


The FlexBoard is a brand-new solution from MacroMedics BV that forms a modular & user-friendly platform for the treatment of the breast and thorax region.

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Firstly, the FlexBoard is a lightweight baseplate with a locking system specially designed to host multiple types of breast treatment
modules. The FlexBoard baseplate is the solution for flexible and modular breast treatment.

FlexBoard baseplate

Breast Treatment Module EX™

The breast treatment module EX is the latest innovation in a series of interchangeable breast treatment modules. It is specifically designed to host the EagleBoard-2 and can be used on the OmniCouch, the OmniBoard or the FlexBoard.

As a result, the breast treatment modules can be attached to the FlexBoard in just a few seconds.

Breast treatment module EX

Breast Treatment Module LX™

The LX Breast Treatment Module is very similar to the stand-alone BreastBoard LX. It offers various adjustment possibilities for the positioning of arms and head.

FlexBoard breastboard LX module


The EagleBoard-2 can be attached to the Breast treatment module EX or it can be utilised as a stand-alone product with
the use of two couchstrips.

The EagleBoard-2 comes with a variety of accessories and features, such as; an adaptor for mask fixation, an M-grip, removable
Vacuum Cushion position knobs and a Vacuum Cushion. This package offers individual patient positioning during treatment.

EagleBoard-2 wing board