Quick and easy patient set-up for treatment of breast, lung and thorax.



The EagleBoard offers a quick and easy patient set-up for treatment of breast, lung and thorax. The board is compatible with a variety of indexed head supports and is supplied with a T- and/or U- grip for the hands to ensure comfort as well as a reproducible set-up.

The EagleBoard features:

  • Easily adjustable positioning of the T- or U-Grip
  • Grips can be fixed in two directions for a wide range of positions
  • An adjustable and indexed position of MaxSupport 1 head support
  • Indexable
  • Fully MR safe

The tapered design enables a maximum CT bore clearance and the use of MR safe materials make the EagleBoard an ideal choice for all imaging modalities*.


The EagleBoard-2 can be attached to the Breast treatment module EX or it can be utilised as a stand-alone product with the use of two couchstrips.

The EagleBoard-2 comes with a variety of accessories and features such as; an adaptor for mask fixation, an M-grip, removable Vacuum Cushion positioning knobs and a Vacuum Cushion. This package offers individual patient positioning during treatment.



* This device is intended for radiotherapy use and, where indicated, radio diagnostics. However, it is the responsibility of the clinician to assess the suitability of the device for the specific clinical application. Always consult the instructions for use.

EagleBoard with U-Grip

EagleBoard with U-Grip

EagleBoard-2 with M-Grip

EagleBoard-2 wing board