ART-Plan by TheraPanacea

AI-Powered radiotherapy.



Intelligent software for high-precision radiotherapy, ART-Plan™ optimizes every step of the treatment process flow: from preparation to follow-up.

Through ART-Plan™, we leverage state-of-the-art advancements in artificial intelligence, data science and medical image processing for a better radiotherapy experience for your patients and medical teams alike.

  • Up to 90% of time saved in contouring
  • +40 centres using ART-Plan™ in Europe
  • Full-body expert-like contours in 3 minutes
  • +100 000 patients treated with ART-Plan™

  • +150 OARs & LNs delineated automatically


ART-Plan™’s Annotate is an AI-powered software that provides zero-click, automatic delineation of more than 100 organs at risk (OARs) and lymph nodes with the same accuracy as clinical experts in a matter of minutes.

  • GDPR-compliant cloud-based web application
  • Reliable and fast delineation of +100 OARs and lymph nodes
  • 3D organ contours for all major cancer sites in a minute* * time will vary depending on the number of structures
  • Up to 95% reduction of manual tasks involved in the contouring process of OARs

  • Plug and Play, seamless integration with hospital systems
  • Follows consensus guidelines for standardized and consistent contouring practice


Real-time deformation of contours


Discover SmartFuse, the first AI-powered software for high-precision rigid and elastic fusion, that includes the management of 4D-CT and a real-time deformation of contours for faster replanning.

Thanks to its unique multi-metric similarity framework, SmartFuse guarantees high-precision alignment between scans from different imaging modalities regardless of the clinical case complexity. Intuitive and smart validation tools allow you to verify the resulting fusion.

  • AI-fueled registration algorithm
  • Checker-board view
  • Real-time deformation of contours for faster replanning
  • Multiple imaging modalities (CT, 4D-CT, CBCT, PET-CT, MRI)

  • Sub-voxel registration accuracy**
  • Anatomically meaningful deformation field

Best-performing imaging deformation software

Powered by AI-based initialization and optimization, SmartFuse is one of the best-performing imaging deformation software available on the market*.

* As evaluated through a landmark registration benchmark performed on the POPI reference dataset:
** Using the POPI reference dataset, SmartFuse achieves TRE under the tolerance value indicated by AAPM guidances for 100% of the cases



Unleash the power of MR-only workflow

Thanks to its excellent soft-tissue contrast, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is widely used in the radiotherapy workflow to aid and improve the delineation of the tumours and organs at risk. Despite the benefits of MR images, to date, radiotherapy cannot be planned on MR images alone, as they do not provide the electron density information needed for dose planning, which can only be derived from CT images. As a result, patients need to be scanned on both imaging modalities. This makes the workflow more complicated, costly, and prone to registration errors.

Experience MR-only workflow in your clinic with MR-Box

MR-Box by ART-Plan™ is an AI-powered software that provides one-click pseudo-CT images with organs-at-risk delineations from standard MR images for an improved and more efficient radiotherapy planning workflow.

  • Use of Annotate and SmartFuse on the generated pseudo-CT or MR images
  • Seamless workflow, from MRI to TPS
  • No need for multi-modal registration
  • Export towards any other DICOM compliant device

  • MR-only workflow**AI solutions are developed for conventional MRIs and MR linacs.
  • Up to 90% time saved

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