ART-Plan™ Artificial Intelligence Contouring

The first fully AI-powered, web-based radiotherapy planning software.


Today's radiation oncology workflow involves a series of manual, tedious tasks adding even more to an already significant and frequently overwhelming clinician workload. This can have a significant impact on the quality of care patients receive in the clinics.

To transform this scenario, TheraPanacea developed ART-Plan™: the first fully AI-powered, web-based radiotherapy planning software that makes proven, innovative technology accessible to clinics that want to streamline and standardise their cancer treatment planning. Our aim is to provide applications that address the most time-consuming and challenging clinical tasks in an intelligent, smooth and automated manner. Thanks to ART-Plan clinicians can improve their clinical workflow: from preparation to follow up.

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Be faster

As a "Plug and Play" software you can benefit from the speed and efficiency of AI from day one - no data needed!

Be flexible

Work from anywhere you like with our web-based platform accessible from any computer connected to your clinic’s network.

Be better

With ART-Plan you can benefit from the AI-powered collective intelligence of worldwide experts combined with the latest consensus guidelines for automated, efficient and effective radiation therapy planning process.


ART-Plan™’s Annotate is the first truly AI-powered contouring tool that uses deep learning to provide automatic delineation of more than 80 organs at risk (OARs) and lymph nodes with the same accuracy as clinical experts in just 1 click and in 2 minutes.

Be automated

Automate all the steps of the segmentation process thanks to our Batch mode. Have the automatic contouring done in the background and exported directly from the scanner to the TPS of your choice.

Be thorough

Have more than 80 OARs and exclusive models for CTV including lymph nodes automatically delineated at the power of AI. No structures or slices forgotten. All you need to do is review and validate.

Be faster

Obtain highly accurate delineation in 2 minutes. With Annotate you can save up to 90% contouring time that can be used to reduce the overload of your clinic staff.

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