myQA® Phoenix

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High-resolution digital detector array.


myQA Phoenix offers unrivalled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability for independent Proton Therapy system commissioning and acceptance

A targeted solution for the most efficient Quality Assurance

The new and unique design of myQA Phoenix resolves the clinical challenges of previous solutions and enables reliable commissioning and acceptance of all proton therapy systems. As a result, new proton therapy centres can start clinical patient treatments significantly earlier and with the confidence of a highly accurate treatment planning and delivery process.

Key benefits for your PT commissioning and acceptance

Clear Accuracy 

  • >4 million pixels with 0.2 mm resolution.
  • Distortion-free measurement accuracy.

Clear Efficiency

  • 1-minute fast setup and easy handling.
  • Save time with faster commissioning and sooner acceptance.

Clear Reliability

  • Instant confidence through reliable measurements and comprehensive analysis.
  • Easily perform regular checks anytime.
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