Luminous Virtual Windows

Illuminated images of nature create portals to relaxation.


Sky Factory Luminous Virtual Windows™ transform enclosed interiors into more spacious feelings and memorable environments with photographic illusions of wild natural vistas in a window-like frame. Their slim profile (2 3/8"/60mm) allows for surface mounting or recessed flush installation. They come in several standard sizes, from 22"x40" to 34"x64", and can be ordered to custom dimensions. Several trim styles in various woods and brushed or powder-coated aluminium elegantly finish each unit.

To enhance the illusion of depth, we recommend installing Luminous Virtual Windows as pairs, or in groups, sometimes with the addition of a long horizontal clerestory Luminous Virtual Window on top of the arrangement. By creating spaces in the continuous photographic scene, the installation allows viewers’ imaginations to fill in the gaps, heightening the illusion of space beyond the window. A group of 64" x 18" clerestory windows are shown at left, with custom dimensions also an option.