ēScape™ Digital Cinema

Virtual windows with the dynamic beauty of natural landscapes.


Sky Factory eScape™ is a digital cinema virtual window that brings the dynamic beauty of nature - image, motion and sound - to interior environments.

A high-tech illusion, eScape features a wall-mounted professional-grade LED LCD screen embedded in a full-size window frame. Sky Factory utilizes the most advanced RED Digital Cinema™ camera to capture hours of Sky Factory's proprietary UltraHD nature content.

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Main features

  • Unique Content - Each eScape features 8, 12, or 16 hours of footage. Scenes are typically over an hour of uninterrupted, unedited footage of pristine nature. Our proprietary vertically composed footage cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Upgrade your Video Library - You can always add more footage later — contact us for details.
  • Professional Grade high-definition edge-lit LED screens and components designed to withstand 24/7 operation for many years.
  • Beautiful trim options create architectural context around our digital window, enhancing the illusion of open space.



Some applications include:

  • Healthcare - waiting areas, treatment rooms, patient rooms, cafeterias
  • Hospitality - hotel lobbies, restaurants, spas, casinos
  • Commercial - retail spaces, corporate offices
  • Institutional- airports, govt. buildings, schools
  • Residential- bedroom, living room and remodelled basement areas