myQA SRS for CyberKnife

Film-class digital resolution and efficiency for CyberKnife® QA


Your SRS/ SBRT QA solution dedicated for CyberKnife®

myQA® SRS for CyberKnife® provides all the tools CyberKnife® users need for accurate and fast patient-specific pretreatment QA. With 0.4 mm film-class resolution and a 12 × 14 cm2 sensor area, myQA® SRS for CyberKnife® combines the accuracy and resolution of film QA with the proven efficiency of a digital detector array. PSQA workflow supports measurements and analysis in the native plan geometry to fully match patient treatment delivery.

  • CyberKnife® specific fiducials support easy positioning of the myQA®
  • Film-class digital resolution and efficiency
  • Automatic SAD and Angular correction
  • Seamless QA of millimetric target sizes with multiple measurement points
  • Evaluation of multiple targets at once
  • Fast digital detector array readout speed