Scan monolayer & SOBP measurements



Zebra is a unique multi-layer ion chamber device including the specialized application software OmniPro-Incline and a high sensitivity multi-channel electrometer based on the well-known ASICs technology. With Zebra and OmniPro-Incline you will be able to measure the depth dose distribution for particles the fastest, most accurate and most reliable. The first integrated and comprehensive solution for Proton Therapy to measure and analyse Bragg-peaks (BP) and Spread out Bragg-peaks (SOBP) with only one click!

  • fast and efficient set-up
  • verification of the single as well as modulated peak in only one measurement
  • ionization chamber detectors
  • simultaneous read-out of all chambers
  • high native resolution: 2 mm detector spacing along the beam axis

3x Faster Commissioning of Your Particle Therapy Rooms

Water equivalent material for equivalent scattering properties Measure ranges with an accuracy of 0.5 mm compared to measurements in water (Bortfeld fit)

Small 2.5 cm diameter electrodes

Save up to three hours compared to a single SOBP reconstruction using a water tank (for scanned beams) Acquire monolayers and dose cubes with a single irradiation


QA routine made simple through state-of-the-art technology

A high spatial resolution system:

With a stack of 180 independent vented plane-parallel ionization chambers, a native resolution of 2 mm and a circular shaped collecting electrode which presents a diameter of 2.5 cm, the measurement of both BP (Bragg Peak) and SOBP (Spread Out Bragg Peak) becomes possible over the full clinical range within the sub-millimetre accuracy.

A dedicated multi-channel electrometers

The Zebra is used in combination with a dedicated multi-channel electrometer.
The electrometer system is based on the ASICs technology designed to measure with acquisition period down to 10 ms without losing any data. The readout of the 180 chambers of Zebra is performed simultaneously; this unique feature offers a tremendous advantage for the measurement of scanned beams.

Fast user uniformity calibration

The Zebra comes from the factory with a complete uniformity calibration. The design has been made with the state of the art technology as for MatriXX (Pixel Ionization Chamber Technology) and ensures highest stability. However, the application offers the possibility of fast recalibration in uniformity on the customer site using methods based either on Proton or Photon radiations.

Comprehensive analysis workspace

The analysis module of OmniPro-Incline provides all the necessary tools to properly and rapidly measure the fundamental Dosimetry parameters like the range or the modulation of depth dose profiles, Bragg-peaks (BP) or Spread out Bragg-peaks (SOBP). Measurements can easily be set up or generated automatically with the intuitive graphical environment. The measured data are visualized in a clear, informative way to allow fast and precise analysis.

A water equivalent device

Thanks to the experience acquired with the PIC (Pixel Chamber) technology, the Zebra detector has been designed with the appropriated materials in order to assemble a water equivalent device. The thickness of each electrode has been chosen to be approx. 1 mm for a 2 g/cm3 density coupled with an air gap separating each electrode fixed to 1 mm. The resulting consequence of such a design is a geometrical length of the device analogous to its water equivalent one.

Everything you need to see in your Bragg-peak

OmniPro-Incline is the advanced software platform for fast and accurate quality assurance in Particle Therapy. It incorporates the latest software technology with an intuitive graphical environment, allowing for easy set-up or automatic generation of measurements. The measured data is visualized in a clear informative way for fast and precise analysis

Start Page

  • Truly workflow oriented with easy access to essential workspaces on the left of the screen
  • Easy access to common measurement and set-up parameters through common settings workspace

Common Settings

  • Easy definition of the set-up parameters, as e.g. Source to Skin Distance (SSD), applied field size, snout characteristics (if applicable)
  • Selection of the measurement mode: movie, trigger, single shot with customizable sampling time and total measurement time


  • Delivered with uniformity calibration from the factory, however, the user can perform recalibration on-site using either Proton or Photon Beam
  • Intuitive wizard guides through on-site recalibration


  • Possibility to select the set-up of the measurement to be performed
  • The measurement container list allows re-selection of previous measurements
  • Easy visualization and data manipulation with clear and intuitive icons


  • Dedicated algorithm tool allows for BP or SOBP analysis of the measured data

Reporting tool

  • Reporting of selected data with their main dosimetry parameters can be printed in a few clicks as a pdf file.