RealEase Baseplate

Ergonomically shaped for patient comfort


The MacroMedics® RealEase baseplate is ergonomically shaped for patient comfort. The baseplase is indexed on the couchtop with two CouchStrips to ensure a reproducible positioning.

The new RealEase profiles with easy to handle plungers offer improved fixation, stability and release of 3- or 5-point masks. Shoulder profiles are anatomically shaped. RealEase baseplates are prepared for attachment of hand grips (optional) to bring the patient's shoulders as much as possible out of the treatment area.

An MR safe version is available.

Ordering information:

Part number Description
111300 RealEase baseplate, 2P
111350 RealEase baseplate, MR Safe, 3P
111230 Handgrips for shoulder retraction for use with RealEase of S-Type baseplates set of 2