SABR Solutions

Products designed especially for SABR techniques


OSL is here to assist you in setting up, or enhancing your existing, SABR service.

We have a range of exciting products designed especially for SABR techniques from immobilisation equipment to pre-treatment planning and physics QA.

Contact your Oncology Systems Limited clinical specialist or send an email to if you would like to discuss these products in more detail.


An overview of products designed for SABR QA.

myQA SRS Phantom
Screenshot of the ProSoma Core web interface
RadCalc 3D Collapsed Cone screenshot
MODUS QA pRESP phantom

SABR equipment for Patient Immobilisation

The OmniBoard 2.0 with background removed.
Respiratory Suppression Belt for use with the SBRT systems
Secure Arch for use with the SBRT systems
The respiratory suppression plate in size Small (left) and Large (right)
The vacuum cushion positioning strip is shown underneath a vacuum cushion.

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