MagicMaX rad/flu/dent


The MagicMaX combines the most important aspects of your workflow, enabling you to deliver the best performance in your daily work.

Flexibility - With the MagicMaX you can use and interchange solid-state detectors, giving freedom to alter your system according to your needs.

Compact Design - The MagicMaX has a compact design for your convenience. The detector is small enough to be placed atop the phantom without affecting the X-ray image.

Powerful Resources - Record your measurements in real-time using the resources of a PC as an external display and storage unit. The system is powered through a high-speed USB connection.

  • USB-based system to be used with PC/laptop
  • Including solid-state micro footprint Multi-Detector "XR"
  • Option to attach an additional solid-state detector for dose measurements
  • MagicMaX is designed according to IEC 61674 & IEC 61676