myQA® iON for Proton Therapy

The Patient QA Environment for Proton Therapy


myQA iON is the unique Patient QA software solution for the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of recurrent QA checks in Proton Therapy.

myQA iON significantly reduces the time needed for Patient QA. Task-based workflow, automation, and the latest web software technologies increase QA efficiency while ensuring patient treatment safety.

The software uniquely combines three advanced Patient QA verification solutions in one environment – enabling the optimal Patient QA for each individual case.


End-to-end Accuracy

  • High accuracy through leading-edge Monte Carlo dose computation.
  • Verify TPS plan dose vs. Independent Monte Carlo dose.
  • Verify TPS plan dose vs. Log-reconstructed dose.

End-to-end Efficiency

  • Save significant time through Patient QA workflow and process automation.
  • Overcome time-consuming detector measurements at the isocenter.
  • Monte Carlo and machine log QA calculations in the background.

End-to-end Confidence

  • Verify the treatment delivery quality of each fraction, until the last fraction.
  • No additional QA workload is required through automatic log transfer and analysis.
  • Automatic fractional dose reconstruction based on treatment delivery/machine logs.

Independent Monte Carlo

  • Verify TPS dose vs. independent Monte Carlo dose via 3D gamma algorithm
  • One-click workflow: simply send the TPS DICOM data to myQA iON
  • Automatic Monte Carlo calculation in the background
  • High accuracy with sophisticated Monte Carlo dose map computation
  • Easy integration in your routine QA workflow

Take a look at the short film below showcasing myQA iON End-to-End Patient QA in Proton Therapy.