myQA® iON for Proton Therapy

The patient QA environment for Proton Therapy


myQA iON is the unique Patient QA software solution for efficiency, accuracy and safety of recurrent QA checks in Proton Therapy.

myQA iON significantly reduces the time needed for patient QA: Task-based workflow, automation and the latest web software technologies increase QA efficiency while ensuring patient treatment safety.

The software uniquely combines three advanced patient QA verification solutions in one environment – enabling the optimal patient QA for each individual case.


QA Accuracy - 5 Times Faster! **

  • QA Automation:
    Automatic data retrieval and background processing.
  • QA Efficiency:
    Save time through task-based workflow, automation, and log file QA.
  • QA Flexibility:
    3 advanced patient QA tools in one platform

    • Monte Carlo independent 3D dose calculation.
    • Unique PT log file 3D reconstruction.
    • Dose output measurements with the MatriXX detector

** A patient QA survey amongst 39 experienced medical physicists at Proton Therapy centres determined an average 80% time saving with myQA iON compared to the traditional detector based patient QA.

Workflow overview

Measurement Flexibility

Measurement-based patient QA alternatives:

1. Machine Log File 3D Analysis

  • Verify TPS plans and their correct delivery.
  • Skip time-consuming QA device setup.
  • Reconstruct delivered dose maps with Monte Carlo.

2. MatriXX Detector Measurements

  • Import of MatriXX measurements and
  • analysis of real dose at isocenter.

3. Independent Monte Carlo

Independent Monte Carlo

  • Verify TPS dose vs. independent Monte Carlo dose via 3D gamma algorithm.
  • One Click workflow: Simply send the TPS DICOM data to myQA iON.
  • Automatic Monte Carlo calculation in the background.
  • High accuracy with sophisticated Monte Carlo dose map computation.
  • Easy integration in your routine QA workflow.



Workflow Automation

  • Automatic machine log file retrieval.
  • Plan queueing and Monte Carlo processing automatically in the background.
  • Automatic updates of the QA analysis results in the patient interface.
  • Automatic E-mail notification system: User information in case of detected errors or warnings.




Ultimate Workflow Efficiency & Time Saving

Tasked-Based Workflow Manager

  • Five times faster patient QA**
  • Complete QA status accessible in a comprehensive task-based overview
  • Schedule tasks, due dates and staff assignments
  • Minimize setup time by automatically grouping the identical tasks

Patient Manager

  • Gain your clear and easy QA status overview for each individual patient

Ultimate QA Accuracy

3D Monte Carlo Analysis

  • Compare the TPS dose with an independent Monte Carlo dose
  • Fully Automated independent Monte Carlo dose computation
  • 3D gamma analysis and difference dose map

3D Log Analysis

  • 3D dose computation based on the actual delivery
  • Verify each treatment fraction, not just pretreatment
  • Track the cumulative delivered dose
  • Simple visualization of spot delivered




  • Monte Carlo dose calculation and MatriXX detector measurements are supported for all PT machine providers.
  • Log file QA supported for IBA Proton Therapy treatment centres (Proteus One and Proteus Plus)
  • Pencil Beam Scanning plans, with or without range shifter
  • All treatment planning systems following the DICOM standard

Software Specification

  • The myQA iON software and central database can be installed on a physical or virtual server and is compatible with Windows® or Linux server operating system.
  • myQA iON application access through the Google Chrome web browser from any computer connected to the hospital internet/intranet.

Hardware Specification

  • myQA iON does not require proprietary hardware. The following computer hardware is recommended to run myQA iON: 24-core / 2.0 GHz processor, 32 GB RAM, two 2 TB hard drives.

Monte Carlo Specification

  • Monte Carlo computation expected in less than 1 minute for a standard PBS plan with 10 million protons simulated.
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*myQA Ion is not currently released for sale. Please contact OSL for availability.