Quick, efficient and flexible patient set-up through indexed steps


This compact “All in One” patient positioning solution offers flexibility and allows quick and efficient patient set-up through indexed steps.

The MultiBoard Base is anatomically shaped for patient comfort and can be indexed on the couchtop where it can remain during daily treatment.

Combined with the modular MacroMedics positioning products, the MultiBoard becomes a dedicated device for the head & neck, lung & thorax, liver & lower abdomen as well as SBRT treatments*.

The MultiBoard features:

  • All-in-One solution that can remain on the couchtop for optimised workflow
  • Lightweight carbon fibre construction for optimised dosimetry
  • Thermoplastic masks for the head & neck, also paediatrics, breast & thorax and pelvic masks
  • Quickly transformed into SBRT platform by adding SBRT Secure Arches & accessories
  • Indexable
  • An MR safe version is available


*This device is intended for radiotherapy use and, where indicated, radio diagnostics. However, it is the responsibility of the clinician to assess the suitability of the device for the specific clinical application. Always consult the instructions for use.