Automated and Guided Beam Commissioning & Annual QA.


SMARTSCAN is the new, premium water phantom solution from IBA Dosimetry.

It represents a real evolution in beam scanning and produces the most efficient and most precise beam commissioning and annual QA.  SMARTSCAN guides your complete workflow to expedite all steps and to avoid errors.  It continuously monitors your measurements to ensure the highest data quality. Automated.

A crucial duty requires a smart solution: SMARTSCAN

Beam data quality drives patient safety!

Commissioning a linear accelerator or a new RTPS with traditional manual water phantom systems is tedious work. Intensive manual user operation is required to measure and analyze approximately 1,000 beam scans. The entire scanning workflow demands continuous user interaction with the software and hardware – which may take days, weeks, and even weekends and night shifts. This lengthy and monotonous process of taking measurements is susceptible to human error.

Commissioning is an intensive effort that requires in-depth experience. Faulty measurements need to be repeated. Sometimes the data is interpolated using fewer measurements, or beam profiles are flattened by algorithms. An enormous amount of personal effort is invested into ensuring the highest data quality possible.

SMARTSCAN drives beam data quality!


Beam scanning. Guided.

SMARTSCAN guides users screen by screen through the scanning workflow, from preparation to execution. SMARTSCAN groups all tasks to reduce manual changes to a minimum and suggests settings for the LINAC. As soon as the Stealth Chamber detects the beam, SMARTSCAN automatically performs the next group of measurements. In the same way, the user is guided whenever a change of detector or other setup tasks are required.


Beam scanning. Automated.

SMARTSCAN automates most of the repetitive tasks while executing the beam scan queue. Every beam profile and depth dose curve [FF/FFF] measurement is instantly checked for flatness, beam symmetry, and signal noise. If the set limit values are exceeded, SMARTSCAN informs the user immediately. After three consecutive, poor measurements, SMARTSCAN pauses and suggests a setup check; otherwise, further measurements would be wasted. In addition, SMARTSCAN repeatedly checks background noise and performs electrometer normalizations for every field.

Annual QA made Easy, Fast and Accurate

SMARTSCAN overcomes the typical challenges and constraints of using standard water phantoms for annual QA.

Instead, annual QA is converted into an easy and fast process.

Easy & fast annual QA

  • Standardized and automated annual QA workflow.
  • Easy comparison from year to year / between machines and clinics.
  • A fast system set-up in 12 minutes.
  • Automated parameter settings for each scan.
  • Scan automation and user guidance minimize human interaction and save time.
  • No need for manual data analysis at the end of your scanning.

Accurate annual QA

  • Superior quality of your annual QA data - Automated.
  • Sub-millimetre setup accuracy through user validation and automated software checks.
  • Automated scan validation checks ensure you measure the correct scans.
  • Instant quality checks of each scan result in the highest data quality.
  • Automated data comparison vs. your protocol/reference data.
  • Depth dose scans enable annual QA accuracy (vs. 2D detector QA).

Due to its ease of use and accuracy, SMARTSCAN is the ideal solution and is frequently used for annual QA!


Product video

The SMARTSCAN Workflow

What if you could commission your Linac and TPS with:

  • 75% less commissioning effort
  • 98% reduced manual operations
  • 100% beam data quality

User experience

The UPENN experience with SMARTSCAN

Watch Jaclyn Marcel, Medical Physicist at UPENN, speaking during AAPM 2018 at the IBA booth. Learn about the UPENN experience with SMARTSCAN for automated and guided beam commissioning.