myQA® HALO Package for Ethos™️ / Halcyon™

The commissioning and beam data collection
package for the Varian® Halcyon™/Ethos™ ¹ machine.


The myQA HALO Package is your dedicated, proven package for independent verification and acceptance of the Varian® Ethos™/Halcyon™ 1) as well as for monthly and annual scans.


The myQA HALO package consists of leading-edge Beam Scanning components that are released, clinically implemented, and trusted by over 4,000 satisfied users worldwide!

  • Package for independent verification & acceptance of the Varian® Ethos™/Halcyon™ 1
  • myQA Accept: Beam Scanning integrated into the myQA® Platform
  • Blue Phantom: The right fit for Varian® Ethos™/Halcyon™ 1 validation & required scans
  • Stealth Chamber: Small Field scanning accuracy with ease

myQA HALO™ used to commission Varian® Ethos™/Halcyon™ 1) in one day

myQA HALO™ independent commissioning solution enables the Radiation Oncology Center at MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center fast clinical implementation of a Varian® Ethos™/Halcyon™ 1)

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Optional Rotating Table


  • Designed to enable the rotation of the 2D Water Phantom System Blue Phantom COMPACT and Blue Phantom Helix.
  • Easy rotation of the filled water phantom for in-plane and cross-plane measurements. Avoids the need to drain the water phantom.
  • Supports seamless manual rotation of the phantom and exact indexing lock fixation at 0°, 45°, 90°, ….
  • Support of measurements inside the Varian®  1) Halcyon™/Ethos™ bore, also suitable for use with conventional Linac measurement sessions.