MatriXX PT and MatriXX ONE

Ionisation Chamber detector arrays for efficient and precise Patient QA


Proton Therapy Patient QA


  • Seamless and intuitive, from set-up to measurements and analysis
  • Optimised workflow with myQA® for plan verification

Most accurate

  • Shortest 20 ms sampling time: real-time measurements for rapidly changing fields and doses
  • Proven technology for Proton Therapy Beams and also for Synchro-Cyclotron systems

Most reliable

  • Ion chambers offer long term stability and measurement without blind spots
  • Your data is safely stored in one central database within myQA
  • Data integrity with an advanced user management system


Technical Information

MatriXX PT and MatriXX ONE

  • 1020 air-vented ionisation chambers
  • Automated k(t, p) correction of the chamber signal
  • Lightweight 10 kg
  • 20 ms read-out time without dead time
  • An active area of 24.4 × 24.4 cm²
  • Pixel spacing 7.6 mm

MatriXX PT

  • Ideal for Cyclotron PBS beams
  • Chamber volume: 32 mm³
  • Electrode gap: 2 mm


  • Ideal for high-intensity Synchro-Cyclotron systems
  • Chamber volume: 16 mm³
  • Electrode gap: 1 mm

View the technical specification on the IBA website