Scintillation Detectors

Accelerate your innovation projects with the HYPERSCINT™ Research Platform*


Developed by the scientific community for over 30 years, dosimetry solutions based on plastic scintillation detector technology offer proven advantages over other detectors. Through a patented hyperspectral scintillation dosimetry approach, Medscint is innovating to meet the modern and practical needs of research professionals and medical physicists worldwide.

Accelerate your innovation projects with the HYPERSCINT™ Research Platform*:

  • A turnkey solution for advanced plastic scintillation dosimetry.
  • A portable and modular platform that enables simultaneous projects.
  • Customised probes aligned with your field of expertise.


A powerful, multi-point-ready and versatile turnkey dosimetry solution based on plastic scintillators. This is the solution for accurate, and non-perturbing measurements, making it the perfect choice for small-field dosimetry and other challenging research projects.


Developed for FLASH-RT applications, this high-speed plastic scintillation dosimetry solution offers high temporal resolution. Due to Medscint’s robust and patented stem calibration technology, it precisely measures dose in various conditions including ultra-high dose rate modalities.

HYPERSCINT™ technical advantages

  • Sub-millimetric size. Detector dimensions are ideal for small fields
  • Multi-points. Dose measurements at multiple positions
  • MR-Compatible. Accurate dosimetry even in strong magnetic fields
  • Energy independence. Including multiple modalities >100keV
  • Angular independence. Including parallel and perpendicular orientations.
  • High dose rate linearity. Wide linear dynamic range
  • Water-equivalent material. No perturbation of the radiation field
  • Real-time dosimetry. Instant dose measurements for dynamic procedures
  • Flexible probe design. High-performance optical fibre construction
  • Robust stem calibration. Complete subtraction of the stem components
  • Robust to radiation damages. Can absorb kGys before seeing significant effects
  • Low dependence on temperature. The spectral information also enables full T° correction

Selecting the right dosimeter is key

Modern irradiation fields get smaller, the intensity and shape can be modulated over time, and it is now possible to use multiple treatment modalities for more personalized cancer treatments.

The introduction of these new techniques enables medical physicists to conduct exciting new projects in radiotherapy. Though opportunities are real, developing or finding the right dosimeter to match the performance of this modern equipment can be a challenge, especially in a time-limited context.

The expertise to supply tailor-made solutions

With a modular platform and unparalleled expertise and skills in medical physics, dosimetry, optics and photonics technologies, Medscint develops, manufactures and delivers value-added dosimetry solutions in line with the core of your research project objectives.

Scintillation Dosimetry

Scintillation Detectors

When excited by ionizing radiation, a scintillator has the particularity to emit an optical photon source proportionally to the received energy within nanoseconds.

An effective way to extract the dose deposition information within the scintillator volume is to funnel the photon beam to a precision measurement system via an optical fibre.

Plastic Scintillation Detectors

The plastic scintillator material used by Medscint is water-equivalent, meaning it doesn’t interfere with ionizing radiation during the energy deposition process. This key advantage makes it the ideal dose detector for a multitude of modalities including electron and photon MV as it provides dose measurement as if it is deposited in water.

With its innovative hyperspectral approach, Medscint is the leader in plastic scintillation dosimetry solutions

* Marketed for research purposes only