Pencil Beam scanning.


Stingray. Faster, more accurate, relative dosimetry for TPS commissioning

  • More accurate scanning data
  • Minimize data loss in PBS scanning

Stingray also maximizes the accuracy of your scan for higher treatment scan accuracy.

  • Faster PT commissioning - significantly earlier patient treatments
  • More accurate commissioning and patient treatments
  • Scan analysis using proven and powerful myQA Accept software

Size matters

More than double the scanning surface coverage compared to next biggest chamber design available! StingRay's unique large scanning diameter minimizes data loss in PBS scanning, thus dramatically reducing the effort typically spent to correct scan data prior to TPS import.


The Stingray detector is a large air-vented plane-parallel ionization chamber, designed to measure output factors of narrow beams.

The Stingray detector is waterproof. It can either be used in air or in a water phantom. For the alignment in the phantom, StingRay has three alignment tips on the outer rim of the chamber holder.