myQA® Cockpit

All your QA data at your fingertips.


Never miss any key information

Be confident in your data with a complete overview of all your patient and machine data on one screen.

  • Instant overview with simple and clear reporting
  • Tracking of all QA applications
  • Quick access to your Patient & Machine QA status and test results
  • Trend analysis and statistics tracking of your QA data
  • Browser application ensures data access anytime and anywhere


The myQA Cockpit is the browser-based interface that gives you all your essential QA data and status overviews in one intuitive application - in your department or even in your satellites!

  • Verify which tests have been completed or are still due for completion per schedule
  • Instant overview of what test and QA checks have been passed or filed according to user applied filters
  • Trend analysis enables you to detect negative trends before major problems arise
  • Integrates your Patient QA and Machine QA status overview in one application


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