Next-Generation Reference Class Electrometer


The DOSE-X is a portable, single-channel reference class electrometer exceeding IEC 60731 standards. The DOSE-X provides accurate measurements for your absolute dosimetry needs, featuring high-precision technology, easy-to-use functionality, and an intuitive user interface. Convenient automation, optimised workflows, and enhanced flexibility support your time-saving and efficient measurement protocols.

DOSE-X features: 

  • Stand-alone and remote access with full functionality
  • Intuitive 10-inch HD touchscreen
  • Fully documented API
  • Supports all correction factors
  • Library functions

Stand-alone and remote access with full functionality 

  • Browser-based remote access
  • Flash compatible
  • Supports your TG-51 QA protocols
  • Connectivity via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

Intuitive 10-inch HD touchscreen 

  • Easy and efficient overview on one screen
  • Workflow-optimized next-generation user interface
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