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ImSimQA™ v4.3, an independent virtual phantom software, now released!

OSL is delighted to announce the latest release of ImSimQA software, v4.3.


Create personalised phantoms for your department.

Introduces the ability to create Virtual Phantoms from any DICOM Series containing RTS, delivering unparalleled flexibility to create personalised phantoms like female pelvis and thorax.


New Workflow Wizard.

Guides the user through typical workflow scenarios, reducing the need to recall a process and saves time with complex tasks.


Varian Ethos DVF Import for QA.

ImSimQA can now import, and QA deformation vector fields created within the Varian Ethos™ platform as well as export test data to Ethos.


ImSimQA software is the only dedicated, independent system for the testing of clinical imaging techniques such as deformable image registration and other processes, found in radiotherapy planning and onboard treatment imagers such as CBCT-IGRT, MVCT-IGRT and the new MR Linacs. Imaging algorithms found in multi-modality planning, adaptive re-positioning and dose re-calculation, ultra-precise image registration in SABR, SBRT, AI and auto-contouring and image motion sequences for 4D respiratory gating, all require accuracy, and therefore considered testing.


Find out how ImSimQA software can benefit your department. Contact OSL today to arrange a virtual demonstration.

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