Webinar: AI Auto-Contouring with ART-Plan

11 AM, 15th September
Webinar via Microsoft Teams

ART-Plan is the first fully AI-powered, web-based radiotherapy planning software that makes proven, innovative technology accessible to clinics that want to streamline and standardise their cancer treatment planning.

Join OSL and TheraPanacea for a live webinar at 11 a.m. BST on 15 September 2021.

Come and witness the powerful time-saving potential of ART-Plan Annotate in action. OSL is offering this Artificial Intelligence-based auto-contouring package in partnership with TheraPanacea.

Save clinician and dosimetrist time whilst standardising contouring within your department and potentially across the country.

This webinar will highlight what this powerful solution can do, including the contouring of over 80 structures across the whole body plus complex nodal chains.

Time-saving, accuracy and standardisation; ART-Plan Annotate is an essential tool for your department.

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