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RadCalc innovations reinforce the benefits of independent QA

LAP is majoring on functional and commercial innovation with the roll-out of automated 3D dose verification and a new subscription licensing model for its RadCalc QA software.

While the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc across national healthcare systems and the global economy, many technology companies have bunkered down and spent a good chunk of 2020 focusing on what they do best: relentless product innovation. A case study in this regard is the development team behind RadCalc QA secondary check software, a suite of widely deployed quality-assurance (QA) tools that provides medical physicists and dosimetrists with fully automated and independent dosimetric verification of their radiotherapy treatment planning systems (TPS).

Among a raft of advanced RadCalc features unveiled this year, top billing goes to the addition of automated 3D dose-volume verification – a result of the successful integration of Monte Carlo and collapsed-cone dose calculation algorithms into the platform. That 3D capability is reinforced by a continuous-improvement mindset – aligned with the evolving operational priorities of end-users at more than 2500 clinics worldwide – which ensures that automation, speed and workflow efficiency remain hard-wired into the RadCalc develop-and-release programme.

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