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Oncology Systems Limited unveils new logo

Oncology Systems Ltd, a major independent supplier of medical technology to the UK and globally, today launched a new logo, along with its new website,  marking a noticeable change to its visual identity.  The logo, launched to mark the company’s 20th anniversary, pays homage to OSL’s roots in radiotherapy and oncology.

“2019 marks the 20th anniversary for OSL”, says Sarina Gloster, Communications Manager. “To launch the celebration of this significant milestone, OSL collaborated with Source Design, Shrewsbury, to develop a natural evolution of the company brand. The re-designed logo also incorporates a visual representation of a C-arm Linac/imaging platform, plus a lying patient or electromagnetic sine wave – which is the scientific underpinning of the radiation technology we represent in radiotherapy treatment and imaging”.

The new logo will be rolled out across OSL’s digital and physical communications and will complement a comprehensive re-design of the OSL website which will launch in April 2019.


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