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Prostate Masterclass mpMRI, Imperial College, London

The second Prostate Masterclass in mpMRI analysis was run by Professor Hashim Ahmed and his faculty at Imperial, London in early April. Urologists and radiologists were trained using clinical prostate case studies of multi-parametric MR images for diagnosing prostate cancer.

The popular course was repeated over three sessions using OSL’s Watson Elementary software which itself automatically highlights suspicious malignant prostate lesions. Trainees were required to analyse the MR images. Finally, the Watson software could be used to compare the lesions outlined by the trainees with its results.

OSL provided all the Watson PC workstations and supported the medical team in managing the course. By popular demand, the course is being re-run during BAUS in Glasgow, 24th June 2019. Find out more about the BAUS mpMRI Prostate Masterclass.

Masterclass trainees using Watson Nimbus to analyse mpMRI

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