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Newsletter: ProSoma & ProSoma Core

During these unprecedented times, we at OSL would like to take the time to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to maintaining a high level of patient care.

We understand the stress of adjusting to a new working style, so we would like to remind you that we are in this together and OSL are here to help. OSL is pleased to have been able to offer site-wide licenses to our existing Prosoma customers in order to help keep staff safe, whilst still working effectively.

Prosoma can remove a strenuous workload from your treatment planning workstations and can enhance efficiency in the department now more than ever. Prosoma Core is a practical and affordable solution to virtual simulation and secondary dose checks using Monte Carlo Algorithm, producing accurate results within minutes with an overall uncertainty of less than 0.5%. What’s more, Prosoma Core can eliminate the need to purchase extra a secondary plan or MU check systems.

OSL’s service team are fully equipped to safely install and support our new and existing customers. Our application specialists are available to discuss the practical benefits and discuss how Prosoma will help streamline your workflow.

Here’s what some of our existing customers had to say about their recent Prosoma experience:

“The physical distancing requirements associated with Covid-19 necessitated relocating staff to any available space within the department. The temporary site-wide licence has been very beneficial, as it has allowed us to run ProSoma from anywhere without having to think about whether licences are in use. My thanks to all at OSL for thinking of it.”

Conor Heeney, Mid-Western Regional Hospital


"I can’t thank OSL enough for the fantastic generosity shown in granting us the site licences for a short period in these very difficult times. This has allowed clinicians and physics staff to use Prosoma remotely from home."

Tervinder Matharu, New Cross Hospital


We have been using ProSoma for contouring, image registration and unplanned workflows for a number of years.  The recent addition of the “Core” module has benefited our treatment planning workflows by automating secondary dose calculation and providing full 3D dose calculations where we’ve previously relied on a single point dose calculation.  The Monte Carlo algorithm works quickly (<2 minutes for a full patient dose calculation at 3mm voxel size and 1% uncertainty) giving excellent agreement with the Monaco treatment planning system (>98% gamma values at 3%, 2mm).  Beam modelling can be difficult but the team at MedCom responded when we had questions or needed adjustments.  We’ve saved a significant amount of time and energy per plan check and have quickly become used to a slick and efficient process.

Jim Daniel, The James Cook University Hospital


Here, at Southend University Hospital, we use Prosoma as a starting point in the Radiotherapy Treatment Planning pathway. Once the patients have had their CT scan, the images are exported to Prosoma. All our contouring is done using Prosoma. We utilise features in Prosoma such as the auto contouring and model functions. These are particularly useful when outlining the organs at risk, allowing us to speed up the contouring process.

Furthermore, to aid the Oncologists during delineation, we often use the image fusion tab within Prosoma: where another imaging modality is imported and fused with the planning CT scan. Within the image fusion tab, we regularly use the auto fusion function to help when aligning the two scans.  

Another feature of Prosoma that Southend Hospital benefits from is the use of scripts. This function is helpful and time saving for the treatment planner in creating margins for the Planning organ at Risk Volumes (PRV), especially when there are multiple volumes to create.   

We also have recently started using Prosoma to analyse the dose distribution during Oncologist plan approval. The Oncologists find the dose evaluation module in Prosoma very helpful as they are able to access Prosoma remotely through Citrix and view the plan when they are off-site.

Overall, during the Treatment Planning pathway, we find Prosoma speeds up our workflow, from the auto contouring features to the use of scripts. Also, Prosoma has provided us with the platform for remote access Oncologist plan approval of the treatment plan. All of our Prosoma users find the software easy to use and navigate around.

Rissa Cunningham, Southend University Hospital

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