Webinar: How is TheraPanacea Unlocking Precision Radiotherapy with AI

How is TheraPanacea Unlocking Precision Radiotherapy with AI

March 24th, 2023

Discover ART-Plan™’s AI-powered tools!

TheraPanacea is excited to invite you to our latest webinar, where we’ll be exploring the incredible potential of precision radiotherapy enabled by AI.

From intelligent annotation to MR- and CBCT-based adaptive radiotherapy tools – let us show you how we are leveraging AI to improve and standardize every step of the radiotherapy workflow!

We’ll be discussing the latest advances in AI technology, and how they’re helping us to unlock new possibilities in the field of precision radiotherapy. Get to know more about TheraPanacea’s history – launched in 2017 by Nikos Paragios, our CEO and take the chance to hear from our talented team members, who will be sharing their expertise and insights on the latest trends, challenges and opportunities.

Discover how TheraPanacea can provide users with a practical and game-changing solution!

So mark your calendar for March 24th at lunchtime. (12:00 – 12:45 PM GMT)

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