Measuring geometric distortion with sub-millimetre accuracy in MRgRT QA using the QUASARTM MRID3D

26th May

Join the audience for a live webinar at 3 p.m. BST/10 a.m. EDT on 26 May 2021 exploring the MRID3D Geometric Distortion Analysis System.

With the increasing interest in MRI-guided interventions, treatment accuracy requires more advanced QA tools to measure distortion and establish accepted thresholds. The QUASARTM MRID3D Geometric Distortion System is an advanced time and workflow-efficient method for measuring a full 3D distortion vector field.

The QUASARTM MRID3D is a lighter, larger, hollow boundary phantom that uses harmonic analysis to achieve sub-millimetre accuracy. Full setup, scan and analysis workflow can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

In addition to automated distortion quantification, the phantom software offers advanced features, including phantom susceptibility distortion correction, patient table roll pitch yaw and offsets, spherical harmonic coefficient output and separate B0/GNL distortion quantification.

This webinar, presented by Enzo Barberi, will highlight the advanced features of the MRID3D Geometric Distortion Analysis System, including a demonstration of the data analysis and workflow within the hardware and software platform.

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