BiopSee® mpMRI Fusion Biopsy

Advanced image-guided prostate fusion biopsy system.


BiopSee® fuses the mp-MRI images with ultrasound images in real-time, allowing highly accurate placement of the biopsy needles in the prostate, to target the tumour with exceptional precision. 3D ultrasound image acquisition, rigid/elastic fusion capabilities together with comprehensive documentation, reporting software and interfaces to practically all therapy alternatives (cryotherapy, brachytherapy, HIFU, RF, photodynamic or any other treatment method) deliver an exceptional platform supporting the doctors in an optimal way.

Clinical value benefits with Biopsee®

  • Intuitive, simple, fast learning, precise workflow
  • Improve the diagnostic accuracy with MRI/PET/US fused biopsies
  • Eliminate the risk of missing pathologies on systematic biopsies
  • Accurate navigation to suspicious areas
  • Monitor and follow-up the patients
  • Therapy support