BARRIGEL™ – Prostate Gel Spacer

The future of prostate spacing is here.


BARRIGEL is a new, biodegradable injectable treatment for the protection of the rectal wall when treating prostate cancer with radiotherapy.

BARRIGEL puts you in control

  • Non-hardening NASHA lets you visualise success without rushing
  • The gel stays soft throughout the injection process
  • Distributes uniformly allowing you to sculpt your desired space
  • No hydrodissection is required (optional)

BARRIGEL is visibly smooth

  • Designed for a consistently smooth injection force profile from the plunger to needle tip
  • One single, uniform product

Moving to BARRIGEL is an easy transition

BARRIGEL is packaged for immediate use in a single syringe and no set-up, assembly, mixing or shaking is required.

Your patients need a little space.

Prostate cancer radiation therapy saves lives. But it can also complicate them.

The physical and emotional impact of RT complications can be significant.

A little can go a long way.

Just a small space has the potential for a major impact on patients’ QoL by significantly lowering rectum toxicity.

*Vargas C, Martinez A, Kestin LL, et al. Dose-volume analysis of predictors for chronic rectal toxicity after treatment of prostate cancer with adaptive image-guided radiotherapy. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2005;62(5):1297–1308.

Product video

Barrigel animated prostate implant