SagiPlan® HDR & Focal Therapy Planning

The comprehensive treatment planning software (TPS) for all HDR applications including real-time prostate treatment.


  • Comprehensive treatment planning software for all HDR applications including real-time prostate treatment.
  • Optimal planning for focal therapy with image fusion of live TRUS with any pre-registered data set.
  • Seamless integration with SagiNova® HDR remote afterloader

Ease of use

SagiPlan® provides an intuitive user interface. Customised layouts, the configuration of parameters, user preferences, templates and treatment settings make planning fast and easy.

Multimodality imaging and registration

SagiPlan supports various image formats and modalities including CT, MR and radiographic film. With advanced image registration methods (manual, automatic, landmarks), data can be fused and displayed simultaneously for a reliable target definition and plan evaluation.

Applicator reconstruction

All applicators delivered by BEBIG are implemented in the SagiPlan Applicator List with full 3D geometric data allowing for an easy, fast and accurate reconstruction. Flexible applicators are easily reconstructed with automatic image processing based on CT image data.

Full and flexible connectivity

SagiPlan provides full DICOM connectivity features with DICOM RT images, structures, plan and dose data. The DICOM Query and Retrieve together with the DICOM RT plan export to SagiNova® enables seamless workflow.

Plan template list

SagiPlan speeds up planning significantly with integrated Plan Templates. The Plan Template List helps the user to store their own set of applicators including their 3D spatial arrangement, control points for plan optimisation and dose monitoring as well as the entire source dwell position information.

Dose calculation and optimization features

SagiPlan® is compliant with TG-43 and HEBD and provides dose calculation for cobalt-60 and iridium-192 sources which take into account applicator attenuation and shielding. Manual and automatic optimization of the dose can be done with a variety of tools, such as manual isodose shaping, geometric optimization and inverse planning for reliable control of target coverage. The fast-simulated annealing algorithm optimizes dwell times with respect to user-defined dose objectives.

Integrated prostate module for ultrasound-based planning and Focal Therapy

For interactive real-time planning of the prostate, the additional software package – Prostate Module – is fully integrated into SagiPlan®. The Prostate Module uses transverse or longitudinal TRUS for real-time planning. SagiPlan® is the optimal TPS for focal therapy due to an automatic fusion of live TRUS data and real-time isodose and dose-volume histogram calculation on live TRUS image streams. Needle placement guidance enables the easy finding of needles with automatic angle recognition and angle position feedback.

Unique biological BED and EQD2 feature

SagiPlan® is the only system which can calculate the biologically effective dose, total BED, equivalent dose for 2 Gy fractions, and total EQD2 for any structure volumes or points selected by the user. Individually defined α/β ratios allow for an easy evaluation of the HDR treatment course together with external beam radiation plans. The calculation is based on individually defined α /β ratios for different control points for both external beam radiation and for fractionated HDR brachytherapy.