MRI only radiotherapy planning using MriPlanner


MriPlanner is a unique product that creates high-quality synthetic CT images by using a complex machine-learning algorithm.

It also provides users with automated delineation of OAR contours from standard MR Images using its advanced AI technology.

MriPlanner has strong clinical evidence for dosimetric accuracy and compatibility with a large variety of MRI scanners, field strengths, treatment planning systems and treatment techniques.

MriPlanner is currently approved for clinical use in brain, head and neck and pelvis radiotherapy (male and female) with the aim of being able to provide MRI only planning to all anatomical regions that may be of clinical benefit.


The workflow is a simple and automated process, a T2 weighted MR image is acquired and automatically sent to MriPlanner which converts it into a synthetic CT ready to be exported to the planning system.

MriPlanner workflow diagram


The demonstration of MRI Planner on the new Spectronic Artificial Intelligence Technology (SAINT) server is now available to view. Click here to watch the MRI Only Planning Webinar.