Plan evaluation in one click


Plan review and reporting is a critical but resource-intensive component of the treatment planning process. ClearCheck, an automated plan check and documentation software, ensures the highest quality treatment plans and helps clinics save time with in-depth plan checks, quick plan comparison, and instant documentation. Standardize and simplify your plan evaluation process with ClearCheck.

ClearCheck by RADformation makes the Treatment Planning process more efficient and standardised. The treatment planner can access ClearCheck from ECLIPSE toolbar and use it to perform over 62 plan checks and dose constraints. ClearCheck comes with built-in Dose Constraint Protocols based on RTOG, Timmerman and several other protocols which can be easily adapted to match the local departmental protocols. There are numerous Constraint Types such as Volume, dose, Max, Min, Mean, Hot Spot, CI, GI, Dose Spill etc which can be automatically calculated for Target volumes and OARs.

In addition to Dose Constraint check the users can evaluate the plan using DVH, perform Prescription checks, evaluate the contours to check stray pixels or slice gaps, check the grown margins, perform Plan Checks to ensure correct Calculation Algorithm is used and if the Couch structure has been added to the plan where appropriate among several other checks.

Using the Collision check feature the Users can perform a Dry Run to check for any collision risk without using the Linac time. Collision check can also be used to visualise Electron and SRS cones to assess collision risk.

Finally, using the Report feature, one Click printing is possible. The generated report can be saved or printed easily, and the report templates can be created for different treatment sites or consultants to include the desired information which can be easily customised.


To summarise, ClearCheck offers Time-saving, Plan Quality and Safety and the ability to standardise and automate the Treatment Planning and evaluation process from start to finish. Thomas Jefferson and Wayne State Universities reported time savings of over 2 hours per patient plan when using ClearCheck during the planning and checking process.