Accuracy of film QA. The efficiency of a digital detector array.


The digital SRS/SBRT Patient QA Solution

The new myQA SRS solution uniquely combines the best of both worlds:

  • Unrivalled accuracy and resolution of film QA.
  • With the proven efficiency of digital detector array workflow.

Treat more SRS/SBRT patients safely and with the confidence it is done right.

When accuracy matters, resolution matters!

myQA SRS provides the clinical resolution needed for the most advanced QA:

  • Measurement-based Patient QA is strongly encouraged e.g. by AAPM-RSS Medical Physics Practice Guideline 9.a. for SRS/SBRT.
  • However, publications have shown that “detector resolution is of main importance to avoid getting false positive [QA results].”
    A. Bruschi et al.: Detector resolution affects the clinical significance of SBRT QA. Find the link to Publication here.
  • Other commercially available detector arrays for SRS/SBRT do not provide sufficient measurement resolution.
  • myQA SRS is the new and unique solution providing film-class resolution clinically needed to avoid false QA results.

The complete SRS / SBRT QA Solution

The myQA SRS Phantom

  • For verification of single beams and for composite SRS plans using the myQA SRS detector.
  • Cylindrical shape with cap for non-coplanar arc delivery.
  • Easy setup on the couch through lightweight design and laser alignment markers.
  • Including dedicated inserts for small field dosimetry chambers.
  • Optional film inserts for benchmarking and for your seamless transition from film-based QA to myQA SRS QA.