DOSE 1 Reference Class Electrometer

Single channel high-performance reference class electrometer.


IBA’s DOSE-1 is a portable, single-channel, high-precision reference class electrometer for measurements of absorbed dose. The device significantly exceeds the recommendations of the IEC 60731.

Dose, dose rate, average dose rate, charge, current and dose per monitor unit are all measured and displayed simultaneously. Up to 40 detector specific data sets can be stored in a sensor library, including physical and geometrical parameters.

For verification of the instrument, connecting cable, and proper sensor operation, an electrical check source, as well as leakage and bias voltage testing, are included as standard built-in features.


The therapy dose meter DOSE-1 is a reference class dosemeter according to IEC731 with a built-in electrical check source.

Connector type: TNC triaxial threaded

Incl. Dose 1 measurement software.

Technical specs

Polarization voltage: ± 600V, programmable in steps of 1V

Leakage check: of the sensor as well as extensions cable by means of a unique built-in device

Sensors: Ion chambers, semiconductor and diamond probes

User Interface: Large back-lit graphic EL display, 320 x 240 pixels

  • Highly flexible softkey interface
  • Enhanced sensor library, extendible to 40 entries by the user, via PC
  • Library of 40 user-definable calibration factors
  • Simultaneous readout of charge, current, exposure and exposure rate

Software-update: From PC, via RS232 serial interface

PC interface: RS232 serial interface

Service: Easy exchangeable, factory calibrated modules with built-in test routines

Power supply: 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, one power cord included for 230 V power plug, UK


View the DOSE 1 on the IBA Dosimetry website here

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