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New prostate rectal spacer gel launches in the UK & Ireland

Oncology Systems Limited (OSL), a major independent provider of medical equipment and software to the oncology community, is excited to announce a new partnership with Palette Life Sciences. OSL will become the exclusive distributor of BARRIGEL™ supplying the NHS and private medical sector throughout the UK and Ireland.

BARRIGEL is a hyaluronic acid gel which is used to separate the rectum from the prostate, creating a healthy distance between the prostate PTV and rectum OAR, thereby helping to reduce rectal toxicity during radiotherapy and improving the quality of life for men receiving treatment for prostate cancer.

“We selected OSL as our exclusive BARRIGEL partner because of their 20 years of deep clinical knowledge, relationships, and expertise in radiotherapy. We are very excited to work together with OSL to make BARRIGEL available to their extensive UK customer base, leveraging OSL’s unique clinical support team to improve patient care” says Travis Gay, Chief Commercial Officer at Palette Life Sciences.

“It is an exciting opportunity to offer such an incredibly needed product to the radiotherapy and urological community”, says Stuart Southgate, Commercial Manager at OSL, “Protecting against avoidable side effects has been a sought-after holy grail in radiotherapy for years and there are distinct advantages in using BARRIGEL to do just that. Its ease of administration, its proven radiotherapy side effect reduction and its affordability will pave the way to allow BARRIGEL to be utilised across the UK.”


For more information about BARRIGEL please contact OSL.

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